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I'll enjoy Super Bowl however I please. No part of any government machine will make me do otherwise. 

HK Parts has official HK P30 threaded barrels is the 13.5x1mmLH threading available while supplies last!  These are the German manufactured barrels with the polygonal rifling direct from HK.  These are not "compatible" barrels with the typical rifling.  These barrels should last!

It is January 22nd, 2021.  It is day 2 of the occupation of the White House by the most corrupt administration in the history of the U.S.A.

There are 1381 days until the next regularly scheduled presidential election.  What are you doing to help save us all?

*THIS* is the guy that's in the Peoples' Oval Office now.  What was any of his voters thinking?  He is not a moderate, he is not a leftist, he is a conman that will do whatever it takes acquire more money and power (as long as he's having a "good brain day").

But, don't be fooled, he won't really be running the show.  His mental deficiency all but guarantees someone(s) else will be making the calls in his name.  I'm not sure he's any average citizen's POTUS.

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