Our Mission
Welcome, America’s Values was born as a result of the malevolent desires and acts of the “cancel culture” mobs, media, politicians and “Big Tech.”

They have spent the past few years increasing their oppression of views that do not agree with their own. They have physically intimidated, denigrated, lied and censored us. They have ruined lives based on lies and personal hatred of those that do not agree. They have destroyed our First Amendment rights, are attempting to replace God with “The State” and are attempting to limit our right to assembly under false pretenses.

As we have seen, not all alternative digital town squares or twitter alternatives are alike (Parler for instance, relied upon the same entities that have a hatred for us). America’s Values is different! We own the equipment we operate on, we have long term contracts with our vendors for connectivity, we chose a software platform that is open source, supports free speech and is anti- “Big Tech.” Our technical team has more than two decades of experience in operating 24/7 highly available services (think the sort of government entities that require NDAs and security clearances). We are, at this very moment, testing the infrastructure design that will allow us a level of redundancy and vendor fail-safes that other Conservative/Free Speech social media sites do not possess.

So join us on this journey back to Freedom! Freedom of faith, Freedom of thought, Freedom of speech, Freedom of choice, Freedom of respect.