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"I thought this one compromise - and it was a compromise - would result in no more tax increases.  I thought it would result in total control of domestic discretionary spending.  And now we see Congress talking about raising taxes again.  So I'm disappointed, and given all of that, yes, a mistake."  -President George H.W. Bush, March 4, 1992

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    • I am shocked that President George H.W. Bush actually thought the Democrat party would accept the compromise as the final action in raising taxes.  Enough is never enough for that party!  As we see today, as they seek to take all our money and our control!

      • So true! Big Government doesn’t produce anything, they are just an exchange! They  can’t give away any money, until they TAKE it from someone else! 

        • Even then they take more than they ever give, and where does it all go? Yes some go to the funds that need it but majority goes to fatten those wallets even more until they sit a mile high on one side. 

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