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Rant 😳

Please let me rant a bit! Watching the news try to set a narrative that Asian Americans are being targeted and attacked by alt-right groups such as proud boys is just sad! I’ve watched many of these recent attacks and the attackers were non-white, likely not politically attached to any group and far from being a Trump supporter, much less have any sense of humanity to fellow humans! The media reporting is trying to stroke racial division, which will never lead to unity. I’m not sure if the attack rate is up in that category or even if recent rhetoric has risen towards their community, but tying it towards Trump and claiming Republican followers are the cause is just ridiculous. The truth is crime is up especially in democrat ran large cities, police and authority is not respected, people have lost jobs and these city and state lock downs have pushed people to their brink. City leaders are making excuses for bad behavior by trying to include riots, looting, fires and disruption to true peaceful protesting. I’m inclined to believe our country is ok with protesting PEACEFULLY! But protest to those in charge that can make changes. Courthouses and city hall is a place to start, not in the middle of streets disrupting and denying other citizens their rights. By destroying, stealing or hurting others, a lawful society turns against these groups and their reasons become mute. You want non blacks to believe that Black Lives Matter, then demonstrate it in the black community by standing up to black on black violence. You want and expect the N word never to be said (as it shouldn’t) yet it is commonly said all through out your own community and is glorified in music sung and written by blacks. SHOW others in actions and deeds that it is unacceptable by anyone! Last of my rant! Lol It seems to me liberals alway want “others” to pay their “fair share”. Yeah, it’s easy to spend others money! Even Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren don’t write a bonus amount in their check to the government come tax time. AOC thinks the government should do more?...Well with that money the government collects to do so, maybe AOC shouldn’t have pocketed all those cash tips and kept all that unreported income! So that leaves me with this thought. If everyone should pay their fair share, how can we get that “fair share” of earned income that is commonly hidden? Waitresses, many in the service industry, cash only laborers like roofers or painters, drug dealers, prostitutes, gamblers, thief’s, whoever gets their money under the table so to speak, are not paying their “fair share”. If everyone needs to pitch in, why not eliminate earned income taxes and tax on the spending side? Not all earnings get taxed by the government, but everyone is a consumer! The rich will still be purchasing highly taxed properties and goods, the middle class would have a little more of their earnings to decide their needs and wants and what to purchase and those that were not contributing to the government will now be participating! Finally we would all have skin in the game! Then see how fast liberals would turn conservative and say the government is taking to much! Lol
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